Creative Blog 2: Quarantine Crafting

Our staff members have been getting a bit crafty! Take a peek at these step-by-step tutorials and we hope that you try them yourself!

Craft 1: Family Portrait Craft by Dawn


Like most of us, I was sitting on my couch watching Netflix when I decided to turn off the TV and be creative. It’s only fun to binge-watch so much before it becomes tiring. So, I got my handy paintbox out filled with paints, brushes, and papers and prepared for some creative action! Also, scroll down for another craft – How to make a book wreath. 

Here are the materials I used:
Watercolor paint (any brand or you can use acrylics and add water to make it thin)
Black micro pen (or you could use a thin sharpie or just a black pen)
Rubber Cement (you could also use glue, mod podge, crafters glue, etc.)
Adhesive foam squares (this gives it a 3d effect – optional)
Exacto knife
Thin cardboard (I used a cracker box)

NOTE: If you want to you could use a photo or print a photo instead of drawing the portraits.


First, I covered my workspace with some wax paper to protect the table but you can use anything for this (a piece of paper, etc.) I taped it down to keep it from moving. I cut out around a size 5×7 rectangle of mixed media paper. You can use anything. I just prefer working with mixed media paper because it does well with paint and glue.

Next, I added masking tape to secure the corners. I painted the whole piece of paper one color. I added 3 coats of one color with some water. NOTE: It’s best if you only paint one coat then let that dry and repeat 2 more times.

After the background is dry, glue it to a large portion of the cardboard (you don’t want any bumps or folds) Put glue all over and press down hard for about a minute. Now set some heavy books on top for around an hour. I always do this and it really helps with the glue bonding properly.

On a different sheet of paper, I drew some quick portraits of me and my little family 🙂
I painted them using only a few different colors. The portrait ones I added a pumpkin color for the background and a goldenrod color for the shirts. NOTE: adding layers will make the paint darker. If you notice that I added a second layer around some of the edges to add a shadow effect. For the green heart, I first painted it yellow and thought it needed darkening so I added a dark teal around the left edge and blended it around the rest. These illustrations are meant to be cute and whimsical so you don’t need to be perfect! I messed up in a few places but it’s ok! I drew the images then painted, after the paint dried, I went over in some places with the marker pen.


After everything has been glued to the cardboard and dried, it is now time to cut! Be very careful when using the Exacto knife! They are very sharp! It helps to press down while cutting and go slow. You also want to use a cutting mat or something to protect your surface. You could use a cutting board. Cut out both the background and illustrations.

Next, use a fold to cut out for the back of your creation. This part will prop it up like a picture frame.

After you cut out the back, glue on the large panel (leave a small space at the bottom-you do not want to glue the bottom of the back to the bottom of the large background peice. Press down for a few minutes then let dry.


Now, add the adhesive foam stickers-I love these things! They are so cool and you can make some neat stuff with them if you get creative.

I hope you like to doodle! With doodling you can’t go wrong. I sometimes get carried away though… These illustrations are simple flowers. If you mess up just cover it up with a flower or a berry, heart, etc. I messed up a few times but made it into something else.




And now you have a one-of-a-kind family portrait!

If you make one of these we would love to see it-please share and tag us! Take a photo and post on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter with these hashtags! #rcplcrafts #quarantinecrafts

Craft 2: How to Make a Book Wreath
Book craft by Heather

Heather shows the process of her book wreath craft. Here’s what you’ll need: old book pages, hot glue gun & glue, cardboard, tape, string or ribbon.


You can use any cardboard—I used a pizza box cut into a donut type shape.

Then, using a book (I used a damaged, deleted book from the library—any book will do. If you have an old damaged book or an old hand me down available, use that. Just don’t tear up one of your good books! That would be a travesty!) tear out some pages, start at a corner, and roll into a cone shape.

20200328_191712. 20200328_191727

You can use hot glue or tape to adhere it together. 


When you combine around 10 pages, start hot gluing them around the ring.

I like to flatten each page out a bit as I glue them on.  

When all are glued on, I then flip it over and tuck and glue the ends to the back for a clean look.


You can stop here or continue on with more layers, making each shorter.


To hang, you can hot glue a piece of twine/string or ribbon. And you’re done!
You can add flowers or decorations if you want to add some flare. 

If you make one of these we would love to see it-please share and tag us! Take a photo and post on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter with these hashtags! #rcplcrafts #quarantinecrafts

We can’t wait to see your creations! 

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