2017 Reading Challenge @ YOUR Rowan County Public Library


The staff at YOUR Rowan County Public Library challenge you to participate in a year-long reading challenge for 2017.  If you are like many of us, the books you read are from one or two genres.  Maybe you prefer to read books about true crime, travel, or money and finance.  If fiction is your choice, perhaps you prefer fantasy or inspirational romance.  For me, my preference is historical fiction.  Many of our RCPL patrons want to read everything written by a specific author—James Patterson, Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, or Louis L’Amour.

The 2017 RCPL reading challenge is a fun way to “read outside your box”—whether you read physical books or read electronically using Kindles, smart phones, or other devices, or, you listen to books in various formats such as CDs, Playaways, and MP3s.  (Thousands of titles are available for free downloading from OverDrive and hoopla by going to the Library’s web site and using your library card number.)

RCPL staff member Deborah Smith was inspired to create the 2017 RCPL reading challenge while she participated in a 2016  challenge by Tim Challies, an avid reader and blogger.  She was an “obsessed reader,” reading 104 books this year!  She says, “I wasn’t sure I could do it, with my busy schedule, but, with the help of audiobooks from the Library, and (downloading books from) OverDrive, I was able to listen to quite a few of the books in addition to physical books which I read.  It’s been a very enjoyable experience, and I’ve learned so much from reading nonfiction and many classics.  I plan to do the challenge again in 2017!”

Stop by the Library and pick up the 2017 RCPL reading challenge brochure, or, print a copy:  the-2017-rcpl-reading-challenge

You decide which of the four levels of the challenge will work best for you.  From the “Light Reader” level to the “Obsessed Reader” level, you determine the specific book you want to read next, for example, “A book with a one-word title” may be the ninth challenge listed, but you may choose to read it before “A book based on a true story” which is the sixth book on the list.

Please send an email or drop a note in the suggestion box during 2017 and tell us how you’re doing.  And, make suggestions for the categories of the 2018 RCPL reading challenge.

Enjoy the challenge!

~ Helen Williams
Library Director

Graphics by Dawn Sargent


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