Audio Book Non-Fiction @ Your Rowan County Public Library

Though audio CDs are going the way of the cassette as disc drives disappear in our cars and computers, many patrons still are listening to them.  Your public library has many great audios on the shelves to be enjoyed, and in this time of staying at home more, I recommend listening to some excellent non-fiction works.

Much of non-fiction is addressing the “elephant in the room,” and the writers are like the group of humans in the parable about the “Blind Men and an Elephant.”  This is very true in the works of historians and journalists.  However, even in autobiographies and memoirs, there is selective recording of the individual’s life experiences in the effort to bring forth a message or a public relations image.  As we listen to non-fiction, we hear things to which we want to say “amen” to things that bore us, and other things that make us groan and grimace.

In these Orwellian times, though we must make an effort to listen to the hearts and minds of others for there is a learning experience whether we agree with their views or not.  Knowing how others view current events, history, nature, and the human journey on this Earth helps us and broadens our understanding of other humans.

I reference George Orwell because I love his non-fiction works more than his fiction.  In the following list of audio non-fiction is a collection of essays he wrote.  It is amazing that this man, who did much of his writings during two world wars, still can speak to our time.

In my writing, I am trying to bring attention to non-fiction items on our library shelves; however, you can also find digital resources on our website, where you can search and download.

Also, we have non-fiction audio on Playaways in the library, which I will address later in a blog.

The following list is some of the newer audio CD’s were are acquired this year:

Daniel Boone : the life and legend of an American pioneer / John Mack Faragher.

The Great Pretender : the undercover mission that changed our understanding of madness  / written by Susannah Cahalan.

Life Undercover  : coming of age in the CIA / Amaryllis Fox.

Essays / George Orwell.

The Call of the Wild + Free : reclaiming wonder in your child’s education [sound recording] / Ainsley Arment, read by Piper Goodeve.

Catch and Kill : lies, spies, and a conspiracy to protect predators  / Ronan Farrow.

I’m your Huckleberry : a memoir  / Val Kilmer.

A Warning  / Anonymous, a senior Trump administration official.

The Fall of Richard Nixon : a reporter remembers Watergate  / Tom Brokaw.

All This Marvelous Potential : Robert Kennedy’s 1968 tour of Appalachia / Matthew Algeo.

Under the Black Hat : my life in the WWE and beyond / Jim Ross, the voice of wrestling, with Paul O’Brien.

Valley Forge  / Bob Drury & Tom Clavin.

Soul Full of Coal Dust : a fight for breath and justice in Appalachia / Chris Hamby.

Killing Crazy Horse : the merciless Indian wars in America / Bill O’Reilly.

Appalachian Fall : dispatches from coal country on what’s ailing America / Jeff Young.

Women Who Wrote  : stories and poems from audacious literary mavens / [biographies by Dana Chamblee Carpenter].

More Myself : a journey  / Alicia Keys with Michelle Burford.

Me  / Elton John.

House of Trump, House of Putin : the untold story of Donald Trump and the Russian mafia / Craig Unger.

The Killer Across the Table : unlocking the secrets of serial killers and predators with the FBI’s original Mindhunter  / John Douglas and Mark Olshaker.

Me & Patsy Kickin’ up Dust : my friendship with Patsy Cline  / Loretta Lynn with Patsy Lynn Russell ; foreword by Dolly Parton.

The Indian World of George Washington : the first president, the first Americans, and the birth of the nation / Colin G. Calloway.

~ Article by T.J. Cunning

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Lifelong Learning in the Time of a Pandemic @ RCPL

New Large Print Nonfiction to explore.

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 2.44.09 PM

I started a blog last year to promote self-learning and the circulation of nonfiction works. Even though the library offers wonderful digital resources for use, such as Overdrive and Hoopla, I am interested in bolstering the books and audiobooks that are on display and in our stacks.

I am back to inspire you to read all the forms of nonfiction your local library has on offer. During our time stuck at home more than we all would like to be, we have a great opportunity to be reading. This is the perfect chance to discover all the wonderful works hiding on our shelves and among our new and bestselling items.

As an individual, I am a hermit in the truest sense of the word; however, I still love to move about in my community and the outdoors. In this cautious time, I am in my cave far too much. And as one of the strange Americans who do not own a television, I am forced to read more.

Being a senior, I prefer to read large print books, and in the last several months have consumed more than I have in a long time.  I personally prefer history, essays, and biographies, and have learned a great deal about the founding fathers and some about the current political chaos. I read books I agreed with and I read books I did not favor; because it is nice to have someone to concur with, but it is critical to know what others are thinking and expressing.

So, if you are a large print reader, the new and bestselling nonfiction large print can be found on display by our front circulation desk.  We also have large print non-fiction just across from our regular large print. This smaller collection is very handy to browse, with the normal spectrum of the Dewey system marking the 100s to the 900s and biographies after. When you find your mind in a place of fiction burnout, this is an excellent place to seek out something different and to discover new people, places, and things.


New and Bestselling Large Print Nonfiction @ Your Rowan County Public Library:

Life undercover: coming of age in the CIA  by Amaryllis Fox. (LP B FOX)

A marvelous life: the amazing story of Stan Lee by Danny Fingeroth. (LP B LEE)

The library book by Susan Orlean. (LP 027.4794 ORLE)
[This is about the 1986 fire at the Los Angeles Public Library.]

How to make your money last by Jane Bryant Quinn. (LP 332.024 QUIN)

Dark mirror: Edward Snowden and the American surveillance state by Barton Gellman.(LP 327.1273 GELL)

Fentanyl, Inc.: how rogue chemists are creating the deadliest wave of the opioid epidemic by Ben Westhoff. (LP 362.299 WEST)

Until the end of time: mind, matter, and our search for meaning in an evolving universe by Brian Greene. (LP 523.1 GREE)

Hidden Valley Road: inside the mind of an American family by Robert Kolker.
(LP 616.898 KOLK)

Russians among us: sleeper cells, ghost stories, and the hunt for Putin’s spies by Gordon Corera. (LP 327.1247 CORE)

Tombstone: the Earp brothers, Doc Holliday, and the vendetta ride from hell by Tom Clavin. (LP 978.176 CLAV)

Running with Sherman: the donkey with the heart of a hero by Christopher McDougall.(LP 614.182 MCDO)

The fall of Richard Nixon: a reporter remembers Watergate by Tom Brokaw.

(LP 973.924 BROK)

The vagabonds: the story of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison’s ten-year road trip by Jeff Guinn. (LP 917.3049 GUIN)

Hymns of the republic: the story of the final year of the American civil war by S C Gwynne. (LP 973.7 GWYN)

A very stable genius: Donald J. Trump’s testing of America by Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig. (LP 973.933 RUCK)

The queens of animation: the untold story of the women who transformed the world of Disney and made cinematic history by Nathalia Holt. (LP 791.4334 HOLT)


Other books in the Large Print Nonfiction Section:

House of Trump, House of Putin: the untold story of Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia by Craig Unger. (LP 327.7304 UNGE)

Leadership in turbulent times by Doris Kearns Goodwin. [This is a look at Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Lyndon B. Johnson as leaders.](LP 973.099 GOOD)

Churchill and Orwell: the fight for freedom by Thomas E. Ricks. (LP 941.084 RICK)

This is a 2015 book I enjoyed reading during the lockdown:

The Residence: Inside the private world of the White House by Kate Andersen Brower.(LP 975.3 BROW) [This is about the other White House Staff.]

CLICK HERE to go directly to the RCPL catalog.


~ Article by T.J. Cunning

Join The Mystery Writers Society!

Mystery Writers Event FB-01

The newly formed Mystery Writers Society is looking for keen-eyed sleuths to join in its endeavors to create amazing mysteries that will leave the world absolutely flabbergasted. This is an open invitation for any aspiring gumshoe to join the prestigious Mystery Writers Society. If you would like to redeem the value that this invitation holds, simply join The Mystery Writers Society Facebook event on August 5th at 5pm. The process to join is very simple. Just find the event under the Rowan County Public Library Facebook events and click GOING or INTERESTED to receive notifications about new posts. NOTE: This event is for ages 18+


Each week, The Founders will post an illustrated card. As a Society Member, it is your job to find the mystery that lies within the card and write about your own interpretation of the scene in a story format. Be warned. The mystery will not stop with only one card. Every card that The Founders’ post will be a continuation of the mystery. If you believe that you have what it takes to write the story and solve the mystery along with your fellow Society Members, be sure to grab your pen and notepad and join the event. Upon seeing everyone’s hard work, The Founders may even be pleased enough to reward a lucky Society Member with a prize once the mystery is solved.

Welcome to The Mystery Writers Society. We hope to see you in the Facebook event on August 5th at 5 pm to begin the mystery!

DOWNLOAD the instructions here: The Mystery Writers Society

~ Article by Megan Harmon
~ Art by Dawn Sargent

Creative Blog 2: Quarantine Crafting

Our staff members have been getting a bit crafty! Take a peek at these step-by-step tutorials and we hope that you try them yourself!

Craft 1: Family Portrait Craft by Dawn


Like most of us, I was sitting on my couch watching Netflix when I decided to turn off the TV and be creative. It’s only fun to binge-watch so much before it becomes tiring. So, I got my handy paintbox out filled with paints, brushes, and papers and prepared for some creative action! Also, scroll down for another craft – How to make a book wreath. 

Here are the materials I used:
Watercolor paint (any brand or you can use acrylics and add water to make it thin)
Black micro pen (or you could use a thin sharpie or just a black pen)
Rubber Cement (you could also use glue, mod podge, crafters glue, etc.)
Adhesive foam squares (this gives it a 3d effect – optional)
Exacto knife
Thin cardboard (I used a cracker box)

NOTE: If you want to you could use a photo or print a photo instead of drawing the portraits.


First, I covered my workspace with some wax paper to protect the table but you can use anything for this (a piece of paper, etc.) I taped it down to keep it from moving. I cut out around a size 5×7 rectangle of mixed media paper. You can use anything. I just prefer working with mixed media paper because it does well with paint and glue.

Next, I added masking tape to secure the corners. I painted the whole piece of paper one color. I added 3 coats of one color with some water. NOTE: It’s best if you only paint one coat then let that dry and repeat 2 more times.

After the background is dry, glue it to a large portion of the cardboard (you don’t want any bumps or folds) Put glue all over and press down hard for about a minute. Now set some heavy books on top for around an hour. I always do this and it really helps with the glue bonding properly.

On a different sheet of paper, I drew some quick portraits of me and my little family 🙂
I painted them using only a few different colors. The portrait ones I added a pumpkin color for the background and a goldenrod color for the shirts. NOTE: adding layers will make the paint darker. If you notice that I added a second layer around some of the edges to add a shadow effect. For the green heart, I first painted it yellow and thought it needed darkening so I added a dark teal around the left edge and blended it around the rest. These illustrations are meant to be cute and whimsical so you don’t need to be perfect! I messed up in a few places but it’s ok! I drew the images then painted, after the paint dried, I went over in some places with the marker pen.


After everything has been glued to the cardboard and dried, it is now time to cut! Be very careful when using the Exacto knife! They are very sharp! It helps to press down while cutting and go slow. You also want to use a cutting mat or something to protect your surface. You could use a cutting board. Cut out both the background and illustrations.

Next, use a fold to cut out for the back of your creation. This part will prop it up like a picture frame.

After you cut out the back, glue on the large panel (leave a small space at the bottom-you do not want to glue the bottom of the back to the bottom of the large background peice. Press down for a few minutes then let dry.


Now, add the adhesive foam stickers-I love these things! They are so cool and you can make some neat stuff with them if you get creative.

I hope you like to doodle! With doodling you can’t go wrong. I sometimes get carried away though… These illustrations are simple flowers. If you mess up just cover it up with a flower or a berry, heart, etc. I messed up a few times but made it into something else.




And now you have a one-of-a-kind family portrait!

If you make one of these we would love to see it-please share and tag us! Take a photo and post on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter with these hashtags! #rcplcrafts #quarantinecrafts

Craft 2: How to Make a Book Wreath
Book craft by Heather

Heather shows the process of her book wreath craft. Here’s what you’ll need: old book pages, hot glue gun & glue, cardboard, tape, string or ribbon.


You can use any cardboard—I used a pizza box cut into a donut type shape.

Then, using a book (I used a damaged, deleted book from the library—any book will do. If you have an old damaged book or an old hand me down available, use that. Just don’t tear up one of your good books! That would be a travesty!) tear out some pages, start at a corner, and roll into a cone shape.

20200328_191712. 20200328_191727

You can use hot glue or tape to adhere it together. 


When you combine around 10 pages, start hot gluing them around the ring.

I like to flatten each page out a bit as I glue them on.  

When all are glued on, I then flip it over and tuck and glue the ends to the back for a clean look.


You can stop here or continue on with more layers, making each shorter.


To hang, you can hot glue a piece of twine/string or ribbon. And you’re done!
You can add flowers or decorations if you want to add some flare. 

If you make one of these we would love to see it-please share and tag us! Take a photo and post on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter with these hashtags! #rcplcrafts #quarantinecrafts

We can’t wait to see your creations! 

May The 4th Be With You

Star Wars Day Banner-01

With recent blockbuster movies and a hit streaming show to back it up, the Star Wars franchise has made a huge comeback in recent years. Now, the 43-year-old franchise has a whole new storyline and a new fanbase. When George Lucas originally created the Star Wars saga he had intended it to be more of a Juvenile-YA geared storyline. But with great storytelling, a genus of all ages will follow and that is what followed with his wonderful creations. People from all over the globe have come to love the Star Wars characters and celebrate May 4th as a national holiday. So, let’s join them in celebration of this unique world, and may the force be with you!

Celebrate May the 4th with a Star Wars-themed Yoda craft! Tag us on social media with your creations!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

CLICK HERE to download instructional PDF.

Below are some Star Wars-themed eBooks that are available for instant download!
Access on or and click on the Hoopla logo.

100 Things Star Wars Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die by Dan Casey (EBOOK)
The World According to Star Wars by Cass R. Sunstein (EBOOK)
The Best of Star Wars Insider, Volume 1 by Jonathan Wilkins (EBOOK)
Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi – The Legends of Luke Skywalker by Ken Liu (EBOOK)
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: So You Want to Be a Jedi? by Adam Gidwitz (EBOOK)
Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back by various authors, a Disney and Lucasfilm STORYBOOK (READ ALONG EBOOK)
Star Wars: Search Your Feelings by Calliope Glass, a Disney and Lucasfilm STORYBOOK (READ ALONG EBOOK)
Daring Adventures, Volume 1 – Star Wars Forces of Destiny by Emma Carlson Berne (EBOOK)
5-Minute Star Wars Stories Strike Back by Calliope Glass, S. T. Bende, Meredith Rusu, and Ella Patrick (EBOOK)
~ Article & Graphics by D. Sargent
~ Craft Slideshow by J. Arnett-Brock

National Library Week


Libraries have been around for centuries, serving as safeguards and sources for all areas of knowledge far and wide. The first known library can be dated as far back as the seventh century B.C., stationed in what is now known as Iraq. It housed stone tablets categorized by subject matter, including religion, scholarly texts, and even literature, all the way back then! So, in many senses, libraries haven’t really changed. However, they have adapted throughout the years to the ever-fluctuating needs of society and technology. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 3.41.52 PM
(Above) Image of one of the first known libraries sourced from

In the mid-twentieth century, libraries began using microform to preserve newspapers and documents for public record and educational consumption. In the mid-nineteen-sixties, the installation of public computers became available to libraries, starting with the Library of Congress. In the nineteen-eighties, the recording and distributing of audiobooks picked up, beginning with cassette tapes and eventually transitioning to CDs and even Playaways! 

Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 3.38.07 PM
(Above) Image of Microform sourced from Wikipedia. 

Now, libraries are the domain of countless resources, including online streaming services for music and movies, digitally accessible ebooks and audiobooks, virtual reality gaming, recording studios, WiFi hotspots, online gaming servers, video games (and even consoles!), web access to job search and resume assistance sites, outreach services, community programs, and so much more. But still, with as many areas of interest as the library caters to, the most commonly trafficked media is good old fashioned books! 

No matter who you are or where you’re going, your local library will always be there to help you find your way. Happy reading or streaming or listening, whichever you prefer! And happy National Library Week from all of us here at RCPL!

~Article by Emily Robinson



Stay Safe and Entertained: What We are Doing for COVID-19 and Library Resources to Access at Home

As a precaution for the COVID-19 Coronavirus, the Rowan County Public Library Board and Executive Director have decided to close the Library building from March 16 – April 4. During this time Library services will still be available through the drive-thru window and as always patrons can return materials in our outside dropbox. Patrons are encouraged to take advantage of our free digital resources. Scroll down for more information!


Patrons may call the Library at (606) 784-7137 to place a hold or go online. CLICK HERE FOR THE RCPL CATALOG

All items returned during this time will be quarantined and disinfected.

All previously scheduled community programs/meetings, library events, and bookmobile services are cancelled until April 18.



Stay safe and entertained in the convenience of your home with access to some of our free digital resources provided by YOUR Rowan County Public Library.

The library offers online digital services that you may access at home by simply logging in with your RCPL card. These services include downloading and streaming eBooks, digital magazines, music, audiobooks, movies, graphic novels, learn a language, and more!

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NEW increased limit of 15 items per month. 


CLICK to read eBooks/graphic novels/magazines and listen to audiobooks.
NEW increased limit of 15 items per month. 

social fb-tw 10thingsweshoulddo us marmotm 2020
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Article by D. Sargent


March & April Library Happenings

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Lots to do at YOUR Rowan County Public Library–take a look for yourself!

Join us in March and April at the Library for gaming, crafting events, free movie showings, writers workshops, a theatrical performance by Rachel Lee Rogers, and a special performance from The Lexington Children’s Theatre in collaboration with the Shooting Stars Youtheatre! Download or view the attached PDF titled, “Library Happenings” to be in the know about what we are doing at the Library.

Next time you stop by the Library to check out a movie, book, magazine, or even a telescope, ask our staff for a copy of our “Library Newsletter” and a printed copy of the current “Library Happenings.”

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